Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera
Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera

Pro Dash Cam - Top-Rated Dual Dashboard Camera

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Having this dash cam on your car can be the only evidence that protects you from a crime.

Pro Dash Camera was developed by a team of engineers who all had similar stories. They were the victims of accidents, but they didn’t have the evidence to prove it wasn’t their fault. One even got stuck paying nearly $1,000 more on his car insurance.

TruView Pro Dashboard Camera

The team got together to create a device that could keep good, safe drivers out of trouble, save them money, and still be incredibly easy to use.

Pro Dash Camera was officially born.

Ever since it was made, over 830,000 loyal customers have saved a combined $199,750,000 on increased car insurance.

If you’re ever in an accident, Pro Dash Camera is the only way for you to prove to insurance companies and even law enforcement that you weren’t at fault, and it could be the only thing that proves your innocence.

“It could be the only thing that proves your innocence.”
TruView Pro Dash Cam Record Accidents

How does it work?

Pro Dash Camera is an HD recording device that sticks to the windshield of your car. It captures all license plates and road signs while you’re driving both day and night.

Pro Dash Camera records and saves evidence automatically, even when the car is off. In the event of an accident, the device detects the collision and locks the footage onto a file, protecting the evidence for you to show your insurance company. It even has sensors that capture the license plate of cars that may hit and run while parking!

Pro Dash Camera has revolutionized the handling of accidents and offers unbeatable confidence for people who drive safely.

But that’s not even all! The team behind Pro Dash Camera has seen it all, and they’ve addressed every possible need in their product, earning it raving praise from auto publications who call it the most “cutting edge” driving product of our time.


 1080P Full HD: Get hyper clear, hyper-focused recordings that catch every detail of license plates and signs.

 350° Wide Angle: Reduce blind spots and capture evidence from all sides

 2.31” Screen: Keep an eye on the recording in real-time

 Automatic Turn-on: Pro Dash Camera turns on automatically as soon as your engine turns on, so you don’t have to think about it.

 64GB SD Card: The SD card is included with plenty of space to capture evidence. Last for 24 hours recording.

 Seamless Loop Recording: Record footage while driving in 1, 2, or 3-minute intervals. When the card is full, Pro Dash Camera automatically records over the oldest footage, so there’s always space on the card for more recording.

 Auto-save Detection: Pro Dash Camera uses a G-sensor that can detect a collision, even small ones, and automatically lock the recording to a file, protecting your evidence.

 Automated Parking Protection: Even if the engine isn’t running, Pro Dash Camera can pick up on vibrations while parking and automatically turn on to record the license plate and save the evidence to a file.

 Easy 2-minute Installation: Anyone can install Pro Dash Camera. Simply use the suction cup bracket to place it on the windshield and connect it to the power supply. Just turn on the car to see it working!


Great for teenage drivers

“I’ve got two teenager drivers in my household, and needless to say, I get pretty nervous about it. Pro Dash Camera puts my mind at ease and it reminds them to drive safely since they know Dad will see it if they don’t! I recommend having this thing for every car you own.”
Paul M. - Boston, Massachusetts

Saved my insurance from blowing up

“Thank god I had Pro Dash Camera in my car when some guy ran a red light and busted the right headlight. The video was automatically saved to a file, and that’s all my insurance needed to see to know it wasn’t my fault. I’ll never get behind the wheel without Pro Dash Camera again.”
Georgina W. - Albany, New York  

Impressive quality and a good price

“I’ve had a few dash cams in my life, and Pro Dash Camera has definitely been the best in quality, but not even the most expensive. The videos come out crystal clear, and it even captures audio. I recommend getting one for your car.”
Frank B. - Portland, Oregon  

Super easy to use

“Ok so let me just say I am not a very techy person, but this dashcam was so easy to set up. It takes like 2 minutes, and the recording starts as soon as you start the car. Very cool device!”
Roz K. - Costa Mesa, California 

Take it from me, GET THIS CAMERA

“I was in an accident a few months ago where someone hit and run my car while it was parked. My insurance didn’t believe me and I couldn’t prove it. I had to pay over $400 more in insurance that year for something that wasn't even my fault. I got DAsh Cam right after that happened and I never regretted it. GET DASH CAM now if you care at all about saving money.”
David J. - Austin, Texas